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rhymes of reason and treason

to bring life to death

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after a while, the changes match up. the Random forms a pattern as to suffice the ballance in change. cao. kaos wield it or yield for it.
I keep this journal for serious reasons as well as fatuous rasins. The entries write in this journal that are "weird" or confusing, i made without thinking in literal terms. These are for me to look back at them and read to find and understand who i am and what pattern and path the intelligence makes when it passes through my filter. I am a joint in line of thought and time, i must know these knots if i am to weave my own carpet or release the veil.
There is nothing until THIS change u (co)incure:-:

THIS image flows, as my middle blows
tTeTh wall mageick|alley appears!
from the still, a perfect fill
from my own blood sweat and tears
add into the mix
two fingers of red sticks

if this is not amiss
What in this ash shall settle, ereveor
what does evol()ve
will mirror
the . from which this was nourished, arise!
What u put in is what u get out.(what u lack is what u get back)

obverse change... the in and out

Fire, to the inhabitants of the eastern wetlands of europe, was known as the spoiler of twigs.

off on my own - i see a bee. HON|ey3d| (H)eliXer H-1 0-8 N-7
buzzing to the beat of 3
vibrations roll over my head
dubious that i was dead
they allow for a shift
then got sucked into my rift
but I had no room for honey
the hawk took all my money(horus)
when i felt the sting of fear
i lost my only tear
depleted yet alive
i march back to the hive
to die another day
but in the same way


{Kappa-Epsilon-Phi-Alpha-Lambda-Eta Iota-Zeta}


There is a Swan whose name is Ecstasy: it wingeth from the Deserts of the North;it wingeth through the blue; it wingeth over the fields of rice; at its coming they push forth the green. In all the Universe this Swan alone is motionless; it seems to move, as the Sun seems to move; such is the weakness of our sight. O fool! criest thou? Amen. Motion is relative: there is Nothing that is still. Against this Swan I shot an arrow; the white breast poured forth blood. Men smote me; then, per- ceiving that I was but a Pure Fool, they let me pass. Thus and not otherwise I came to the Temple of the Graal."" The Book Of Lies 17 alleyStar CroWley" think for yourself, question authority, question this, question me- it will respond(react), as will I (eye). Just ask, make the effort, construct the grounds for impeachment, renewal renovation. Make way for the inovation in creation. Contiune the trend, as the reed that shall bend with the motion of wind in the will that we send.
Only as a whole may we accomplish the goal, and maintain control of the vessel we stowe.
There are many ways to exploit your current situation, i suggest inflation.
motivated by subtle changes and a urge for knowledge. Ive found outlets for my energies, and have many more to experiment. as a individual its my goal to transcend my obligations and assumptions to take my place betwixt the stars.

cumulation of east, west: xyn-(a)p controled constant rebirth of 8 -patent27-pending 5-133.2-26.64

useless and degrating webam pics http://community.webshots.com/user/treasoninreason

"Silently you say to me, the time has come for you to be alive again. so you say and turn away, you must wait another day outside again. i hope the land around you yeilds a crop like all the other fields so then your waiting might make sense, as if the time spent on the fence waiting for the shoe to fall would stop the crumbling of your walls.
summers/somethings/someones coming and id like a review" ernest giuseppe anastasio III --- lyrics for "alive again"
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