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all is on [Jun. 24th, 2010|06:58 am]
[music |K C]

her eye clearly shows

what her heart never knows
within her passion fueled desire
is the rythm of seduction entire

her eye clearly shows

lustfull of passion, it grows
into cases, affectionately thrown
aimless evading any fertile pose
rejecting all emotion intending to impose

yet her action never to suspose
just how to decipher her prose

force her sight to draw straight
from the shadows of night
she'll create
a tapestry of fears
spread across the wall
a plethoria of intension
emotions dissolve

Here is pure to begin


staring into the eye
bathing in the moonlight
deny the dragging of time
eternaly content

eye show

resiviour of passion
inside her grows
tempting the tides of the ocean
to remember there roll

prey on the weakness and faults we contain
Ethreal spat pouring out the least of what remains
glut excreting through the broken fractals of the mind
that which is left will continue to abstrue our mind

I remember
in the midst of december
a star
an endevour
a duel

to repair the seveared heart of the fool

as to return the wayward bust
and regain the moments trust


cause if time thinks your dull, than you're screwed